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Our Customer Register

The demand for portable restroom, shower and specialty trailers continues to grow.  More uses for these types of units are being found, and businesses are finding that a trailer fits their specific application more efficiently than a brick & mortar building. The list of Companies that we have built units for is exciting and makes us… Read More

Aligning values with our vendors

Creating partnerships with vendors that are aligned with values and expectations is critical in any business.  When searching out new vendors we always share our story, and layout expectations right from the start.  We frequently meet with our current vendors and do the same.  This process ensures top product quality and allows us to build… Read More

A day in the life of....

Tell us about A day in the life of your trailer....  That's a question we like to ask our prospects and current customers.  With so much of our business being custom made units, it's important for us to know how you plan on using your trailer. What type of events will this trailer be working at What… Read More

Industry update

As a business highly based on public gatherings and events, we are following the re-opening of our Country closely.   We've had both new and old customers share with us good news, and unfortunately some sad.  We do our level best to stay optimistic and focus on the good.  This is shared with our families, our… Read More

It's Business as normal at COHSI

Did the title grab your attention?  Obviously yes since you are now reading this. No, it's not "business as normal at COHSI".  But is the title asking me a question - Is how we are operating the business now our new Normal? Building trailers with face masks on and working 6' apart Monitoring employees health… Read More

What to write?

I set a goal when I started this blog to write something no less than every two weeks.  Truthfully, I've been procrastinating the past week wondering what I can write that's worth a read in these current times.  The virus epidemic is frightening for a small business.  I worry about my families health, our employees… Read More

PSAI Show 2020 "Postponed"

Last night we received a letter stating that due to an order from the Governor of Maryland prohibiting the size of public gatherings, the PSAI Annual Convention in Baltimore (March 25-28)  would be postponed. Our apologies for anyone who was planning on visiting us at the show.  Please call us or email us if there… Read More


I know it to be true that any business that doesn't keep innovation as a top value, fails.  You must continually talk about, look for it, implement it, and then hit reset to do it all over again - even if it is the exact item you just innovated the week prior. I've been frequently… Read More

Coronavirus and Restroom Trailers

Like many Americans, I've been closely following the news articles and social media postings on the Coronavirus.  Many things keep me up at night, and this too is one of them.  In asking myself what is the connection between Covid-19 and our business of building restroom / shower trailers, I have come to the conclusion… Read More

Launch of our NEW website

Today we officially announce the launch of our new website.  It took us 2 previous versions and 17 years to get here, but that's how innovation works.    In designing this website we knew a platform had to be created that easily allowed the user to search based upon their particular needs, and be immediately provided options. … Read More