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Restroom Trailers

Plush Restroom Trailers

Comforts of Home builds portable, industrial-grade luxury restroom trailers. Our units are featured at many different outdoor events that require a distinctive restroom solution.

Spacious and accommodating, our bathroom trailers don’t feel or appear like what you might typically imagine of such units. With a Comforts of Home portable restroom trailer, using a comfort station is like being in the facilities of a lavish residence.

We design and build each unit ourselves to ensure optimal service, efficiency and cost containment. For premium durability, we include only materials we know from experience will withstand the elements, especially water. A Comforts of Home bathroom trailer helps protect your investment by hindering premature damage and wear.

With the end user firmly in mind, we also build each specific unit from the ground up instead of as a one-size-fits-all stock template. This gives us full control of quality and greater flexibility with the build materials. The result is an original mobile bathroom that looks extraordinary and operates in perfect harmony.

We continue to test and inspect new features and materials for enhancing our units, and we look to include U.S. components whenever we can. Our portable restroom trailers are handicap accessible and can be made to be ADA compliant as well.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your need or idea for a special restroom trailer. Call us at (630) 906-8002 to connect with a Comforts of Home professional.