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Hand Washing Trailers

Hand washing trailers must be efficient as they are durable to withstand heavy use and and an array conditions.  The sole purpose of these stations is maintaining hygienics, which is a useful tool in recent times with the COVID 19 outbreak.

With Comforts of Home, your trailer for communal, commercial, or medical use is even more than resilient – it also feels like home. We build portable units that achieve your requirements while providing your staff or customers with attractive and efficient space for doing something so simple as washing your hands.

We understand the factors that go into building trailers for different applications in your sector, including custom layouts and frequency of operation. Our range of materials and specialty floor plans ensure the versatility needed to make the unit you specify.

Let’s talk more about the distinctive unit you’re looking for. Call us at (630) 906-8002 to connect with a Comforts of Home professional.