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Combo Trailers

Convenient Combination Trailers

Locations such as sporting events, summer camps, construction and disaster relief sites, and community-outreach initiatives often benefit from access to a restroom and a shower.

Because many of these functions are temporary, building a permanent restroom and shower facility is often not economical. This is where portable combination restroom-shower trailers provide an efficient solution.

Comforts of Home manufactures custom combo trailers that satisfy both shower and restroom requirements. If you need a mobile bathroom with a portable shower, we offer you the design and build capabilities for a unit that’s fully customized for your application. Just let us know the size and layout you’re thinking about! 

A spacious Comforts of Home combo trailer truly feels like home with standard features such as:

  • low floor height for safe, easy access
  • non-skid flooring
  • heating and air conditioning
  • powered roof vents
  • shower stalls with scald-resistant controls
  • smooth, mar-resistant interior walls
  • porcelain pedestal sink
  • hands-free porcelain toilets
  • shatterproof mirrors
  • liquid propane gas on-demand water heater
  • self-contained wastewater holding tanks
  • connections for sewer or external holding tanks

Safety-Conscious Combo Trailers

The era of COVID-19 has required us all to adapt, especially as it concerns public health. With Comforts of Home, you can have a luxurious shower and restroom combination trailer that satisfies health-safety guidelines for a space to be used by different people.

As your partner in creative problem-solving, we can help you define and design your safety plan for your combo trailer. For example, your layout can include features such as special handwashing sinks and sanitizing stations. Perhaps you might need an area for testing as well. Bring us your mandates, and we will innovate with you.

Handicap Accessible Combo Trailers

If you need your custom combination trailer to accommodate individuals with disabilities, we can build it to be handicap accessible. We can likewise make it ADA compliant at your request.

In creating your custom handicap accessible trailer, we will discuss elements such as:

  • optimal floor plan
  • lowering and non-lowering models
  • inner climate control
  • hands-free sink
  • 60” turning circle
  • 36” wide entry door
  • folding anti-slip ramps
  • grab bars around toilets

You can let us know other ways you want make the unit feel like home as well, such as by including a stereo system, specialty countertops, and sconces or vanity lights.

Contact Us Today

A Comforts of Home combo trailer provides function, beauty and durability for freshening up wherever and whenever it’s needed. Let’s talk more about the custom floor plan and features that will be perfect for you. Call us at (630) 906-8002 to connect with a Comforts of Home professional.