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Coronavirus and Restroom Trailers

Like many Americans, I’ve been closely following the news articles and social media postings on the Coronavirus.  Many things keep me up at night, and this too is one of them.  In asking myself what is the connection between Covid-19 and our business of building restroom / shower trailers, I have come to the conclusion that there most certainly is one.  The connection comes to us in three forms: Hygiene, Supplier interruptions, and Our work force.

  1. Hygiene.  What the media has done with all the Coronavirus coverage is raise awareness on personal hygiene.  Washing hands, covering your mouth, and disinfecting objects frequently touched are great prevention tactics. And where is hygiene best addressed but in the bathroom.  Portable Restroom and Shower trailers will play a major role should this virus spread, and well into the future as the public will be searching out mobile facilities for cleansing in greater numbers.  Owners of these units must make sure they are readily available and equipped/maintained accordingly with the proper sanitizing products.
  2. Supplier Interruptions.  As the media has shared, multiple production and shipping interruptions are occurring due to the outbreak overseas.  We to are already affected by this.  Over the past week, I have tasked myself and my staff to reach out to all our key suppliers and inquire if they have shipment concerns.  Plan “B’s” have been put in place for any that confirmed a concern.  We have stocked up and acted on all contingency plans and can share that at this time we have the inventory on hand or on the way to prevent any out of stocks for the next 3-4 months.  Acting pro-actively was the right course of action.
  3. Our Work Force.  Our employees are our family.  We need both them and their families healthy to keep production moving forward.  A directive has been put in place that if anyone is feeling sick, not to come in.  Better to stay home and get healthy quicker than to come in and extend an illness along with infecting others.

So what’s next for us?  We are ramping up productions in an effort to open up more productions slots should an emergency need come for hygiene trailers.  And we stay positive – The CDC has been diligent in sharing prevention tips.  We have rallied before during past health outbreaks and come through them relatively unscathed.  I trust that my fellow Americans will do the same this time.

All our best,

Aaron Ward, Comforts of Home Services, Inc.