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Things Break

My wife and I bought a "fixer upper" home.  Well, more of an "updater" home that turned into a "fixer upper".  Much of the work I did myself, but certain parts required contractors.  After 28 years in working with contractors, vendors and suppliers, I knew what characteristics to look for.  Quality of work, passion for… Read More

COHSI Outreach Lift System

Introducing our "Outreach Lift System"!  Field tests are complete and this system is ready to be installed on your next trailer. Much simpler to understand and operate than a lowering trailer. 10” Stronger, tougher trailer frame that can better handle the heavy use and abuse Maximizes your options for waste tank capacity Non-rotating axles.  Simplicity… Read More

"Within these Walls...."

"Within these walls, all is good"  The first time I said that was on March 20 at our first weekly COVID safe meeting.  It's been repeated at every weekly COVID meeting there after. Within these walls there is no COVID.  Within these walls these is no sadness, no fear, no hunger, no politics.  In place,… Read More

Hesed House, Aurora IL

Located a block away from our manufacturing facility is the Hesed House of Aurora IL.  This facility is the second largest homeless shelter in the state of IL and the largest outside of Chicago.  The reputation of this wonderful facility reaches past IL.  The organization structure in place has set the model for other facilities… Read More

Our Friends at "Clean the World"

Brad Martin and I recently had an opportunity to tour one of our customers "World Headquarters" in Orlando Florida.  Clean the World ( has built an amazing outreach program around a product that is most often discarded after use - Hotel soap bars.  What a concept.. collect, clean, and re-process a personal hygiene product that… Read More

What's Next in our industry?

This blog is one you're going to see posted over and over again.  It's important that I keep the request I'm writing about here floating on top.  I'm asking this to our current customers, our potential customers, and to anyone who simply comes across my blog whether in the market for a trailer or not… Read More

Website content

By reading this, you've found your way to our website.  Welcome!  and thanks for visiting.  Let me take this opportunity to explain some tips for navigating through our product.  We build trailers and have built many different floorplans since 2003, in fact, too many to list. What we've posted on this website are the most… Read More