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Aligning values with our vendors

Creating partnerships with vendors that are aligned with values and expectations is critical in any business.  When searching out new vendors we always share our story, and layout expectations right from the start.  We frequently meet with our current vendors and do the same.  This process ensures top product quality and allows us to build lasting relations.  Below an article one of our vendors recently posted in their monthly publication about our relationship and our on-boarding process:


When Comforts of Home Services, Inc. (COHSI) first began producing mobile specialty trailers part time in their driveway 17 years ago, little did they know that they would become a game changer in the portable restroom and shower facilities market. COHSI builds highly customizable luxury trailers to suit the need of any venue or event space. Whether for an outdoor wedding, concert, or even providing shower stations for disaster relief efforts, COHSI is nothing like the portable restroom most think of.

COHSI was relying on multiple sheetmetal suppliers for their fabricated metal components as trailers were being produced in house by their talented team of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. Deadlines became tighter than ever, and they found it costly to have skilled tradesmen waiting on those fabricated parts to come in. COHSI found themselves being at the mercy of their vendors, so they decided to seek out a supplier who could handle all of their metal fabrication needs under one roof.

During the first visit to us, they quickly realized they found a supplier that listened to their needs, and found creative solutions to their challenges. The shared core values of superior quality, competitive pricing, and meeting deadlines were the exact match they were looking for.

We were invited to their facility to review an innovative feature for their trailers. Expecting to be faced with the same negative feedback their current suppliers returned, COHSI found we were able to make their innovation a reality, and could do so under budget. That first order led to many other projects between COHSI and us.

If you are looking for a partner who wants to help you succeed rather than a just a supplier filling purchase orders, we are that business.

Thank you,

Aaron Ward,  Comforts of Home Services, Inc.