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Shower Trailers

Deluxe Shower Trailers

Mobile shower trailers are often found at worksites, emergency or disaster relief sites, and multi-day festivals. If your endeavor calls for a shower trailer, Comforts of Home offers you pioneering function and innovation in this growing category of portable restrooms.

At the most basic level, you hope for a mobile shower trailer to have sufficient privacy and running water. With Comforts of Home, you can raise your expectations much higher with shower trailers that look and feel like home. Our trailers provide comfortable, welcoming facilities for anyone in need of a rinse or refreshing clean-up.

With a vast range of floor plans, Comforts of Home shower trailers provide personal accommodations including:

  • multiple interior options
  • one-piece shower enclosures
  • propane-on-demand water heaters
  • large commercial-grade pumps
  • multiple fresh- and waste-water tank sizes
  • lighting
  • individual temperature controls
  • Moen faucets
  • moisture-resistant fiberglass wall panels
  • marine-grade subfloors
  • climate-controlled interior
  • hooks for personal items

We also specialize in custom shower trailers. You can further enhance your trailer with options such as:

  • fiberglass subfloor
  • gray water–bypass options
  • wash-down commercial interior
  • direct-to-sewer options
  • toilets and sinks
  • changing areas

This customization gives our units great range of application. In addition to work, relief and festival sites, you will see our shower trailers at homeless and community outreach initiatives, sporting events, campgrounds, oil rigs and manufacturing plants.

Comfort That’s Conscious of Safety

With Comforts of Home, you can have a luxurious shower trailer that promotes public health as well. This becomes all the more important with a space to be used by many different people in the era of COVID-19.

We partner with you as consultants in discussing and designing a safety plan for your portable shower trailer. Your layout can include safety features such as private stalls, handwashing sinks and sanitizing stations. Your application might also need an area for testing. Whatever your requirement, we will solve and innovate with you.

Your custom mobile shower trailer can make a notable impression while serving an important function. For example, in addition to encouraging good health and hygiene, a shower trailer for municipal homeless and community outreach might include porcelain sinks, a stained-wood vanity or laundry facilities.

Handicap Accessible Shower Trailers

We also specialize in custom shower trailers that accommodate individuals with disabilities. Whether your model will be public or private, you can ensure easy and comfortable handicap usage. We can make your trailer ADA compliant at your request as well.

In creating your custom handicap accessible trailer, we will discuss elements such as:

  • optimal floor plan
  • lowering and non-lowering models
  • inner climate control
  • 360-degree wheelchair turning radius
  • 36” wide entry door
  • folding anti-slip ramps

We can further review other ways you might wish to make your trailer feel like home, such as by including a stereo system, granite countertops and an ornate vanity.

Contact Us Today

Where there’s a need and an idea, we have designs and solutions. Let’s talk more about the portable shower trailer you have in mind. Call us at (630) 906-8002 to connect with a Comforts of Home professional.