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Community Outreach

Community Outreach Trailers

On any given night, more than 550,000 Americans are homeless. That figure will continue to rise in the era of COVID-19. Support trailers are a pivotal resource for community outreach programs that offer our fellow citizens comfort and the assistance they need.

Every outreach initiative has its own special requirements. Comforts of Home builds distinctly customized portable trailers for both U.S. and global outreach initiatives. The units we make for the homeless include mobile shower trailers, portable restroom trailers, combo units, laundry trailers and locations for counseling.

We also make custom trailers for disaster relief and COVID-19 support efforts, including handwash, shower and laundry trailers.

Shower, Restroom, Laundry, Counseling: Trailers That Reach Out to Serve

All of us can appreciate a clean, private restroom and a warm shower with clean water. We also may not think twice about how and where we’ll do our laundry. Such conveniences are simply a part of our day.

For our fellow citizens without a home, having a place where they can wash their well-worn clothes and bathe in quiet, comfortable dignity is cause for gratitude. Through Comforts of Home, outreach initiatives can serve people in need by acknowledging and supporting their humanity, especially when the coronavirus has further limited access to basic amenities. These trailers likewise help contribute to greater public health. 

Having built so many trailers for homeless support through the years, we are always evolving in our understanding of how to serve this population. Our current designs reflect that growth through a portfolio of both standard floor plans and custom layouts representing new ideas and solutions.

If you are using a support trailer for community outreach, you likely change sites and have a revolving circuit of volunteers for staffing the unit. The trailer must be easy to set up, use and take down. It also has to withstand heavy operation. Beyond being attractive and welcoming at your support location, a Comforts of Home trailer provides the efficiency, functionality and durability that you require.

Handicap Accessible Support Trailers

We also specialize in custom support trailers that accommodate individuals with disabilities. Whether your model will be public or private, you can ensure easy and comfortable handicap usage. We can make your support trailer ADA compliant at your request as well.

In creating your custom handicap accessible trailer, we will discuss elements such as:

  • optimal floor plan
  • lowering and non-lowering models
  • inner climate control
  • 360-degree wheelchair turning radius
  • 36” wide entry door
  • folding anti-slip ramps

We can further review other ways you might wish to make your trailer feel like home, such as by including a stereo system, specialty countertops and an ornate vanity. 

Contact Us Today

Together we can continue giving relief and dignity to America’s homeless, as well as support those who are responding to disease or disaster. Bring us your outreach business model and we’ll help you add a trailer to it. Call us at (630) 906-8002 to connect with a Comforts of Home professional.