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U.S. Military Trailers

Trailers for military use can range from restroom, laundry and shower trailers to mobile kitchens to disaster response, especially when it involves rapid deployment.

Comforts of Home has been building custom trailers for the U.S. military since 2003. At any moment you might find one of our units being used either stateside or overseas by the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. We also provide trailers for the National Guard, the Coast Guard, the American Legion, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The highly durable, carefully selected materials we use in our military trailers ensure they can withstand even the most rugged conditions and usage requirements. Plus, whether for trailers or dropbox units, when the military moves into action, timely solutions are crucial. Comforts of Home trailers are quick and easy to set up.

Custom floor plans and options let you choose which layout and functions will best serve your mission. Ultimately, you have an adaptable mobile unit that is made for the field but still looks and feels like home. We can also outfit your unit with onboard fresh and wastewater tanks along with temporary power generators when needed.

We welcome the opportunity to learn about the trailer you need for military use, including restroom and shower trailers. Call us at (630) 906-8002 to connect with a Comforts of Home professional.