Why Choose Comforts of Home?

At Comforts of Home, we provide luxury restroom and specialty trailer solutions that are clean, sanitary and inviting. Our products go beyond the basics of hygiene – we will provide you with a trailer that offers beauty and comfort that you are proud to purchase and rent out to your customers.

Here’s a little more on our products, our experience and the level of quality unique to our brand:

Our Products are Exceptional

  • Our restroom trailers, shower trailers and specialty trailers are great for weddings, concerts, sporting events, construction projects and anywhere else temporary facilities are needed. 
  • Our hands-free fixtures help to keep the rooms clean and sanitary. 
  • Our mobile restrooms provide all the luxuries of home with features that include flushing toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, linoleum floors, and are equipped with A/C, heat and ventilation as standard features. Our shower trailers come with powered ventilation as standard.
  • Our portable restrooms can be designed to meet all guidelines on handicap accessibility across all states.  These rooms have a second use as a family access room for changing diapers or assisting a child in private.
  • Our decontamination showers are the ideal solution for keeping workers dealing with hazardous materials safe and clean.
  • We Specialize in Custom and can work with you to design and build a trailer unique to your needs.

Diverse Product Line:

  • Our products range in size from compact 8 foot towable pull trailers up to 53 foot semi units.
  • We have trailers in use across the continental US, Canada, Hawaii, and in numerous international locations.
  • Innovation is kept front and center.  Each year new features and materials are tested.  All the pass are added to our standard specs. or our vast selection of available options.
  • You can choose from our large selection of standard layouts, or request a trailer unique to your needs. We utilize the latest technologies in three-dimensional computerized drafting to design custom trailers at competitive prices. 

Expert Personnel and Experience:

  • Comforts of Home has been designing and building high-end luxury restroom, shower, and specialty trailers since 2003.  To date, we remain family owned with 3 generations involved with day to day operations.
  • Owner Brad Martin is a degreed Mechanical Engineer with over 16 years’ experience in design, manufacturing, and hands-on industry work.
  • All our experience has taught us to build efficient trailers with our customers in mind when it comes to servicing, cleaning and maintaining our trailers.
  • We are proud to say our trailers are “Made in America” and source as many materials as possible from American Manufacturers.

Production and Quality Control:

  • When we build a trailer, we start with a solid steel frame from the floor to the roof to give us a rigid skeleton to build from.
  • Our waste tanks are built using our patented process of roto-molding to eliminate seams, and therefore leaks or breaks. They are made of a high grade plastic which will last a lifetime without the concern of corrosion that a typical steel tank would have when exposed to urine and chemicals.
  • All our products are built with a commitment to quality that will ensure our products and our reputation will last.

Thank you for your interest in Comforts of Home Services Inc. Please get in touch for any questions or comments you may have – we look forward to serving you!

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