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Special Event Trailers

A restroom trailer can be much more than a needed facility at special events – it can also be an attraction that looks and feels like home.

Comforts of Home specializes in custom restroom trailers for occasions such as weddings, reunions, backyard graduations, anniversary or retirement parties, and any other indoor or outdoor event that requires a portable bathroom trailer.

Your mobile unit can be as well appointed as you want it to be – possibly even more so than your bathroom at home. Choose from our existing original floor plans or collaborate with us to create one all your own. Your floor plan might include event-specific spaces as well, such as a bride room for a wedding.

We can also help you select specialty features and materials for your restroom trailer. For example, your luxury portable bathroom might include a double-vanity sink, music system, a high-speed air dryer and vinyl or laminate hardwood flooring.

People will often come from both near and far to attend your special event. When you include a Comforts of Home restroom trailer for your occasion, you show you care about hosting a celebration where your guests enjoy themselves in luxury.

We welcome the opportunity to help you leave that lasting impression. Let’s talk more about the custom trailer you envision for your event – call us at (630) 906-8002 to connect with a Comforts of Home professional.