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It's Business as normal at COHSI

Did the title grab your attention?  Obviously yes since you are now reading this.

No, it’s not “business as normal at COHSI”.  But is the title asking me a question – Is how we are operating the business now our new Normal?

  • Building trailers with face masks on and working 6′ apart
  • Monitoring employees health and encouraging safe activities outside work
  • Not seeing vendors
  • Ordering supplies a month out that used to only take a week
  • Searching out new vendors to replace those with inventory challenges
  • My wife is now cutting my hair

I could go on with many more bullets.  I expect that you as the reader are saying, “yeah, that’s what’s going on in my business too”.  We are all truly in this together – we can relate to your challenges, and you in turn to ours.  But, business continues… our doors are not going shut, we celebrate the small wins and try not to dwell on the loses.  So if this is the new normal, no worries, we got this.

Until tomorrow when “normal” changes again. 🙂

Stay safe,

Aaron Ward, General Manager – Comforts of Home Services, Inc