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Collage of decontamination stations

Decontamination Trailers

Powerful, Ready-to-Use Decontamination Trailers

Decontamination trailers (also referred to as decon trailers) accommodate the need to decontaminate workers or people at incidents or industrial sites involving hazardous debris or materials such as fuels, toxic chemicals and biological, chemical or radiological agents.

Comforts of Home builds decontamination trailers and dropbox skid units for versatile use in manufacturing, construction, material abatement, the military and homeland security. We also specialize in custom models for mass decontamination and specialty clean-up.

Comforts of Home decon trailers are designed with pass-through shower areas that create both a “dirty room” and a “clean room” with air-lock curtains between them. You can further enhance your unit with:

  • single- to multi-shower floor plan
  • onboard fresh and wastewater tanks
  • washer and dryer
  • toilets
  • lockers
  • eye flush-out stations
  • off-the-grid power (generators, propane)
  • storage areas
  • exterior washout sinks
  • cold weather operation packages

Custom units also can include water filtration for specific contaminants such as lead and asbestos as well as HEPA air-filtration systems.

Your Comforts of Home unit is easily deployed for immediate use and results. A heavy-duty steel frame, foldaway access steps and full-sized aluminum hinged doors further reinforce high performance with extra durability.

You’ll often find our decon trailers at lead and asbestos abatement projects, power plants, oil refineries and projects involving industrial chemicals.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your need or idea for a decontamination trailer. Call us at (630) 906-8002 to connect with a Comforts of Home professional.