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What to write?

I set a goal when I started this blog to write something no less than every two weeks.  Truthfully, I’ve been procrastinating the past week wondering what I can write that’s worth a read in these current times.  The virus epidemic is frightening for a small business.  I worry about my families health, our employees heath, the health of our employees families, and yes leading our business through this crisis.  So much negative in the news, so much to dwell on, so many opportunities to let depression set in.  But we can’t focus on the bad!  Shame on me for letting it be distraction.  I must lazer my focus on the good:

  • Everyone is healthy here.  New procedures have been put in place to ensure this and our employees adopted them without challenge
  • We are building trailers for the relief efforts!  I’m honored to be in an industry that can do it’s patriotic part to help our fellow Americans
  • The proactive efforts by our sales team and ordering team ensured we had materials on hand to continue building units even when so many suppliers have run out of stock
  • Key vendors of ours have stepped up with creative solutions to inventory shortages
  • Customers have been amazing in working with us on lead times, and allowing units to be pushed in order to build relief units

We are all in this together, and the “team effort” I’m seeing with all our interactions is worth celebrating.

Stay Safe,

Aaron Ward, General Manager Comforts of Home Services Inc.