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A day in the life of....

Tell us about A day in the life of your trailer….  That’s a question we like to ask our prospects and current customers.  With so much of our business being custom made units, it’s important for us to know how you plan on using your trailer.

  • What type of events will this trailer be working at
  • What are you plans for fresh water and waste
  • How do you plan on moving around your unit
  • Capacity needs
  • Special needs
  • Local codes and use rules
  • Types of paper products and dispensers you want to use

And so many more questions.  Hence, “tell us about a day in the life”.   A new restroom trailer is a substantial investment.  After waiting weeks for it to be built, we want it to be perfect for your needs, and for your first impression to be “wow”.  So when you call us, tell us about your use plans.  Take as much time and go into as much detail as needed.  We are hear to listen.

All our best,  Aaron Ward – Comforts of Home Services, Inc.