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COHSI Outreach Lift System

Introducing our “Outreach Lift System”!  Field tests are complete and this system is ready to be installed on your next trailer.

  1. Much simpler to understand and operate than a lowering trailer.
  2. 10” Stronger, tougher trailer frame that can better handle the heavy use and abuse
  3. Maximizes your options for waste tank capacity
  4. Non-rotating axles.  Simplicity and safe with less moving parts
  5. No toilet or shower pump for the ADA room
  6. Less power requirement because of the removal of two pumps.  15amp savings, that’s huge when using a generator or trying to find shore power.
  7. Additional step for non-ADA use.  Let’s face it, not everyone that uses the room is handicapped.
  8. Reliable.  Uses time tested hydraulics designed to work outdoors
  9. Quicker set up and tear down over a full lowering trailer.  Much quicker.

Be sure to ask about this system when considering a handicap accessible trailer!