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"Within these Walls...."

“Within these walls, all is good”  The first time I said that was on March 20 at our first weekly COVID safe meeting.  It’s been repeated at every weekly COVID meeting there after.

Within these walls there is no COVID.  Within these walls these is no sadness, no fear, no hunger, no politics.  In place, only a positive outlook at the future ahead.  What you do outside these walls must be guided by what we do within.  If you let any of what is going on outside come in, we risk the “good” that is in place.  Acting not COVID smart can bring the illness in and not only affect our work family, but your family at home, and the families of your peers.

I am so proud to share that our team took the above to heart and acted safely.  We’ve had no COVID case with any employee, nor have any had a serious case within their family.  We rallied around “within these walls” and to date have won.

This time of year we reflect on the success of the year behind us.  To me, nothing more is worth sharing than the above.  Not what we built, not financials, not superficial “wins”.  In place, our success is that by working together we kept COVID at bay.  We have kept our doors open and built many many trailers for the COVID relief efforts.

To all of our current, past and future customers…. To our employees and their families….  To our vendors…  All of you have been so accommodating this past year, so great to work with, and so supportive of our business.  From hearts we send out a big Thank you.

On behalf of all of us at Comforts of Home, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   Now, let’s do all the above again in 2021!

-Aaron Ward