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Our Friends at "Clean the World"

Brad Martin and I recently had an opportunity to tour one of our customers “World Headquarters” in Orlando Florida.  Clean the World ( has built an amazing outreach program around a product that is most often discarded after use – Hotel soap bars.  What a concept.. collect, clean, and re-process a personal hygiene product that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  Over the years, I have stayed in hundreds of hotels.  Most often just for one night, and in turn have taken one shower.  My barely used bar of soap was simply tossed. Multiply that by all the hotels and you’ll find that more than 2 million bars partially used soap are thrown away every day in the US.  Clean the World and their dozens of hotel partners are collecting soap and after a recycling process that Brad and I witnessed, are re-distributing soap AROUND THE WORLD.

Washing our hands is an act that we take for granted.  But in many Countries, basic soap is not available.  According to the World Health Organization, millions of young lives could be saved with access to bar soap and hygiene education.  Clean the World has successfully distributed more than 53 million bars of re-processed soap to over 127 countries (and counting).  This accomplishment hasn’t come with out the hard work of countless volunteers and corporate sponsors.  Volunteers who work in their processing warehouse, and business’s who have signed on by sponsoring corporate “Hygiene box kit” assembly where all the product is shipped in, and “Soap save lives boxes” are assembled by employees.  Truly innovative ideas for a great cause.

Our relation with the Clean the World is small when considering their global outreach.  A new initiative being rolled out in Orlando and Las Vegas puts their mission on the street with Community Outreach trailers.  These shower and restroom trailers help those most in need of Hygiene facilities – the homeless.  We are honored and thankful that they have chosen our trailers for this mission.

Please visit their website, read about their cause, and if looking for a charity program to donate too.. Please consider Clean the World.

Stay safe,

Aaron Ward, Comforts of Home Services Inc.