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What trailer is the right size for you

When deciding on purchasing a restroom trailer for whatever the end use is, the simple first question is “what is the right size for our use”.  It’s easy to think about how many toilets you want, or should a urinal be added.  Maybe you have an idea in mind even on the length of the trailer you want, but I challenge you to think deeper than the obvious.

We have sales mantra in place here that asks “tell us about a day in the life of your trailer”.  To do so, you have to really think about how the patrons are using it.  For examples, look at the room sizes, if for a wedding venue.. is there enough space for the bride and gown.  Think about the accessories you want in the rooms, is there a place for soap dispensers, or other accents you want to decorate the room with.  Think about the space around urinals, around sinks, where waste baskets go, how is traffic entering and leaving the trailer, baby change stations, and stall space.  Think about the utility room; what are you going to store in it, does it need be filled just with the trailer mechanicals or is more room needed.  Think about exterior of the trailer; where is it going to be placed, are the doors in the right location, where should water and electric hook ups be, where should the sewage drain be, what side of the trailer should the doors be on, will you have access to the utility room, and if equipped with a ramp – do you have the room for it when folded down.  Think about the waste and fresh water tank size and make sure your not sacrificing capacity on either.

We’ve built many trailers and have many designs.  Some we’ve removed from production as they just didn’t work, others can be adjusted to fit your needs.  All you need to do is ask.  If rough dimensions need to be shared to answer space questions, we can do this.  If adding (or taking away) a foot to the length makes sense, we can show you what it looks like.  These trailers are big investments and are designed to serve you for a long time.  We must make sure that use expectations are met.   Admittingly, myself and our sales team can do better in asking the probing questions listed above.  Working together as partners in putting together you’re trailer guarantees what arrives is exactly suited and equipped for your needs.  That’s the COHSI “Day in a life” way.

All our best,

Aaron Ward