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Restroom Trailer Rental Inquires, September 2020

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a substantial increase with folks reaching out to us interested in renting a restroom or shower trailer for their event.  In talking with them, decisions are being made to host events at their home or community open space in place of renting a facility.  This most certainly is COVID related.  What a great sign for our industry – is there going to be an increased need for portable rental trailers moving forward?  The amount of calls tell us yes!

Many years back, our business made the decision to not rent units and thus, not compete with our customers.  In place, we collect all rental inquires that come in and forward them to the nearest geographically located customer of ours that rents units.  This makes us a lead source for our customers!  We have been fortunate that our customers are spread out enough to where they are not directly competing with each other allowing us micro manage the lead leveling it down the closest corresponding zip codes.  However, we have gaps.  There are many “dead zones” around our country where we don’t have customers with trailers to rent anywhere near a lead.  Potential rental customers that contact us, have circled back sharing that they have not found ANY trailer rental options.  In addition, and most recently, rental customers have also followed up with us sharing that the leads we provided are all booked.  If COVID is driving our industry more business, now is the time to expand.  I agree with what the rental customers are telling us – small private events are the way of the future.  What started with an increase in barn wedding venues, is going to expand into all types of backyard events – THAT NEED A RESTROOM TRAILER.

Our industry is growing.  To our current customers… I recommend considering expanding.  To potential customers… take a look at your area.  Are you a restroom trailer rental dead zone?  If so, there is business out there  and I believe now is the time to act on it.

We are taking orders now for 2021 builds.  There are plenty of spots on the schedule to have a unit ready for the spring rental season kickoff.

All our best,
Comforts of Home Services, Inc.