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What's Next in our industry?

This blog is one you’re going to see posted over and over again.  It’s important that I keep the request I’m writing about here floating on top.  I’m asking this to our current customers, our potential customers, and to anyone who simply comes across my blog whether in the market for a trailer or not – What is the next great need or feature on a portable restroom trailer?

No doubt we are building different right now for COVID.  But how will our product need to evolve moving forward?  I strive to keep my finger on the pulse of the industry and necessary feature changes, but leveling that down to a select geography, state, municipality and town is darn difficult.  I need and welcome your comments.   What can we do or add to make our product better?  Of course, better to combat future pandemics, but just better for your exact needs.  I want to know about my customers (or users) experience, then build units around making it better.

A custom trailer is a partnership: Our platform + our experience + your vision = WOW.  Let’s do this together.

Please email your thoughts:

All my best, Aaron Ward