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By reading this, you’ve found your way to our website.  Welcome!  and thanks for visiting.  Let me take this opportunity to explain some tips for navigating through our product.  We build trailers and have built many different floorplans since 2003, in fact, too many to list. What we’ve posted on this website are the most popular and highest functioning models.  Start your search by dialing in what type of unit you are looking for – Restroom, shower, combo, etc. Then select how many stations.  (for you novices, a “station” in restroom terms is a toilet or urinal – so a trailer that has three toilets and one urinal is a 4 station model)  Once you’ve selected that, floorplans are shown of models we’ve built and recommend.  But… your not limited to these,  We can do custom.  If interested in going down the road of a custom model, when you talk to us, let our sales team know what floor plan you’ve found that “almost” fits your needs, then what modifications you would like to see.  It may take us a day or so to draw up and quote your custom layout, but we are happy do it.   The more info you can share up front, and the more we can learn by understanding what a day in the life of your trailer is going to look like, the better we can get you the best custom quote the first time.

Moving forward, we continually add new floor plans and pictures to our website.  Whenever we build something new that just looks and works great within our platform – Bam! a new floorplan is posted and new non-custom trailer is available for all to buy.  Isn’t that simple and fun!  I think so.

Enjoy exploring and call us when your ready to talk trailers.

Aaron Ward, Comforts of Home Services, Inc.