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At Comforts of Home, we specialize in providing exceptional trailer solutions, and can offer you a huge range of trailers designed to bring all the comforts of home to guests, audiences and customers far and wide, in a variety of settings and climates.  We will provide you with nothing less than the best trailer solutions, so you can be proud to rent them out to your customer base.

At Comforts of Home, we go beyond the basics, to provide trailers that are welcoming, elegant and will stand the test of time. From restrooms to decontamination trailers, shower trailers and laundry facilities, all our trailers are ideal for any upscale event organized by hosts who endeavor to impress. Having the necessary facilities is essential to the success of any event and the comfort of guests, from outdoor weddings to sporting events, concerts and camp grounds.

Our trailers are also often used as facilities for those who are homeless, for disaster relief workers and relief workers fighting forest fires, for whom restroom, shower and laundry trailers are all essential. It is our pleasure to create trailers specifically built for a variety of needs, providing dignity and comfort to all.

If you’re looking for a trailer to meet your unique needs, the possibilities are endless with Comforts of Home, and we are confident that we will exceed your expectations in providing the optimum trailer solutions for your customers. Some of the trailers we offer include, but are far from limited to, the following:

  • Restroom trailers
  • Handicap accessible trailers
  • Shower trailers
  • Decontamination trailers
  • Laundry trailers
  • Safety shower trailers
  • Sink trailers
  • Breakroom trailers
  • Custom trailers

If you’re looking for a trailer not listed above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Custom solutions are our specialty, and we’d be happy to guide you through the process of designing and creating a custom trailer from start to finish.

Product Feature Highlights

  • Most of our restroom trailer units can be made into ADA accessible trailers.
  • Our trailers offer roomy layouts, colors and options that are elegant and enable you to create a custom design.
  • Many restroom layouts can be modified for direct sewer hookup and our products offer a larger waste tank volume to facilitate longer or larger events.
  • All layouts can be made into drop boxes (no axles, tires or trailer lights). This option saves you money and looks more like a permanent structure.

Product Categories

Contact us today for more information on the limitless possibilities we have to offer. We’d be delighted to help you create a custom trailer designed to your own specifications, or provide advice on where to begin with your design and how to select the best options for you.

If you’re new to working with Comforts of Home, take a look at our rental referral program. We are keen to refer contacts on to you at no charge, to assist your business and create a supportive network for everyone in the industry.

We look forward to helping you provide the ideal solutions for your customers, offering the comfort and luxury we all deserve.

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