Why Choose Laundry Trailers?

Laundry trailers are often appreciated by guests and athletes at various events and competitions in hot weather for extended periods of time. Laundry trailers are also indispensable for disaster relief workers, forest fire fighters and those who are homeless.

A high-end laundry trailer, due to its portable nature, is often favored over a static laundry site. For workers travelling to various sites, portability is essential. We offer a wide range of units, including washer and dryers that are stackable or that can sit side by side, and offer coin operated side by side units.

At Comforts of Home we believe everyone should be able to use comfortable facilities no matter where they are. All our laundry trailers are built to last, go beyond the basics and provide an exceptional portable solution to all who use them.

More Details on Our Products

When you choose to purchase laundry trailers from Comforts of Home, you can rest assured you’ll receive a high end laundry solution.

All our laundry trailers are made from the highest quality materials to withstand the test of time and provide laundry facilities akin to those in your own home.

Our trailers are used across the globe, in the U.S and in a variety of countries internationally. No matter what climate your laundry trailer will be set up in, we can ensure it’s comfortable to use, year round, with heating and air conditioning systems included as standard.

All our laundry trailers are robust, portable and reliable. Going beyond functionality, we also endeavor to make all our designs attractive and sophisticated. Our attention to detail makes our trailers stand out as high-end solutions.

With a great deal of experience designing and building custom trailers, we can offer you a unique solution with all the comforts of a laundry room in your home.

A Reputable Laundry Trailer Provider

At Comforts of Home, we have vast experience in the trailer industry, with products ranging from laundry trailers to restroom trailers, shower trailers to decontamination trailers.

When you choose to work with Comforts of Home, you can trust us to go beyond the minimum requirements and provide you with a solution you’re proud to share with your customers.

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