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Convenient Combination Trailers

Locations such as sporting events, summer camps, construction and disaster relief sites, and areas with homeless populations often benefit from access to a restroom and a shower.

Building a restroom/shower facility or addition is often not economical, especially if it’s for temporary use. This is where portable combination restroom/shower trailers provide an efficient solution.

Comforts of Home manufactures custom combo trailers that satisfy both shower and restroom requirements. If you need a mobile bathroom with a portable shower, we offer you the flexibility and skill for a custom unit with total features and function. Just let us know the size and layout you’re thinking about!

A spacious Comforts of Home combo trailer truly feels like home with standard features such as:

  • low floor height for safe, easy access
  • porcelain pedestal sink
  • non-skid flooring
  • hands-free porcelain toilets
  • heating and air conditioning
  • shatterproof mirrors
  • powered roof vents
  • liquid propane gas on-demand water heater
  • shower stalls with scald-resistant controls
  • self-contained wastewater holding tanks
  • smooth, mar-resistant interior walls
  • connections for sewer or external holding tanks

You also can request optional features such as gray and black water tank layouts and a water-resistant fiberglass subfloor.

Handicap accessible combo trailers include a 60” turning circle, a hands-free sink, grab bars around toilets and a 36” wide entry door.

Functional, durable, attractive, comfortable: A Comforts of Home combo trailer is a luxurious way to freshen up wherever you are any time of year. Let’s talk more about the custom floor plan that’s ideal for you. Call us at (630) 906-8002 to connect with a Comforts of Home professional.